A Travellers Guide To Boutique Hotels

    discover smaller hotelsIf you’re looking for affordable top quality hotels in the Vancouver BC area, it pays to do a little checking around first. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect hotel, including the reasons why it pays to go with certain types over others.

    Go Luxury

    The truth is, you often get more for your money when you go a bit higher end. Cheap hotels cut on absolutely everything and you won’t often even completely know where they are cutting corners until you learn the hard way that the showers are never warm, or that the food is barely edible.
    In contrast, luxury hotels are often full of little extra surprises. The hot water never seems to run out, the service is much better than you initially expected, and there are often a lot of other little extras that will surprise you and enhance your trip.

    Avoid the Bottom Barrel

    The cheapest motels always have hidden problems. They might have a roach infestation or some other issue. They might never actually clean the rooms even though they claim they do, or else they clean them extremely rarely. They might have no real services at all. They may refuse to deal with any social issues you might have with your next door neighbors.
    For example, if there’s a situation where your next door neighbor is causing a lot of noise and giving you a lot of trouble, bottom barrel accommodations aren’t going to really offer you any assistance at all half the time.
    In contrast, a hotel with actual high-quality standards will have clear policies in place for how to handle this, and people who are skilled at making it work out.  It’s easy to underestimate just how much a hotel that doesn’t have a high luxury standard can completely ruin your trip, your ability to sleep, your ability to feel safe, and your ability to be the slightest bit comfortable.
    If you’ve ever wondered just what a “Boutique” hotel is and why you should care, check this video out:

    Smaller Luxury Hotels Actually Care About Repeat Business

    Luxury or “Boutique” hotels have motivation to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible because they actually want to secure you as a repeat visitor if possible. This means that everything they do is going to reflect that including their prompt and strong response to any concerns that you might have.
    Hotels that are of a lower quality aren’t actually going to care very much because they don’t’ expect you to be back, ever. They have absolutely no motivation to provide you with the slightest bit of hospitality whatever. It’s easy to underestimate just how important this is.

    Go with Smaller, Cozier Hotels

    The smaller a luxury hotel is, the more they can focus on your individual needs.  It’s amazing how much this trick helps every time. Larger hotels, no matter how much luxury they promise, just can’t cater to the individual needs of hundreds of people nearly as much as a cozy luxury hotel that can properly focus on individuals.
    Larger hotels are going to have to make you wait sometimes with the danger of ignoring you entirely when they are really busy and there are many different people who all need their attentions at once. In a smaller hotel, the ratio of staff to guests is going to be vastly lower overall.
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