My Company Doesn’t Understand Marketing

    Fruit_Stall_in_Barcelona_Market webApples, Bagels and Chestnuts (henceforth referred to as ABC Co.) is a pseudonym for a company I was associated with. My job was to convert sales leads into sales of Apples, Bagels and Chestnuts. This is a major company in its field with, of course, a web site.

    When the advertising budget was cut, these sales leads diminished to near zero and to a commission sales person, this is like a walk in the Sahara without a canteen. One day, I “googled” apples, bagels and chestnuts. Ten screens and this company did not show up and they are the leader in their field. Now if I “googled” apples, they came up at the top of page one where they belonged but my business was focused on bagels and chestnuts and literally, I clicked through 10 screens and not a page from ABC Co showed up.

    local-marketing webIt was apparent that the geniuses in the IT department had never heard of Local SEO Marketing. That’s hard to believe but I suspected that the person in charge of IT must be somebody’s brother-in-law. It is one thing to have a gorgeous web site design with the best that HTML coding can provide but if it doesn’t go “ca-ching”, you may as well hang it in an art museum for all the good it will do you.

    Search engine optimization is not at the same intellectual level as a search for a vaccine for the Ebola virus but it certainly takes someone who knows what they are doing. It takes someone who understands what guides all the various types of search engines as they slog through the internet. It is just as important that your SEO expert stay up to date with changes in search criteria that they use.

    If ABC Co understood any of this, sales leads would not go to zero when the advertising budget was cut.